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BlackOps cup Rulez

BlackOps Cup 2010 rulez

This cup is gonna be played in a 5o5 format and using 5o5 global config.
This info is compiled with help from the clanbase website (http://clanbase.ggl.com/rules.php?lid=984) [clanbase.ggl.com]
The most is the same, some minor changes. Please take the time to read through our rules before you start playing in the BlackOps Cup.
Knowing the global rules will avoid conflicts and will increase your chances of winning conflicts.

Mappool :

* sp_delivery_te
* bremen_b3
* braundorf_b4
* radar
* supply
* sw_goldrush_te

Match Rules:

NO SPAMMING global chat during MATCH !
Respect the admins on the servers!!
Respect your opponent !

1. All matches are played in the Stopwatch mode.
2.The matches are played with the global 5o5 config (pb/nopb)
2. Only 5on5 matches are allowed. All matches that are played with a different teamsize will be cancelled.
3. The match is played at least on 2 maps. One SW round (attack/defense) will be played on each map.
4. The team who made the challenge will choose which map is played first.
5. Each team will decide on which side to start on the map chosen by opponent.
6. In case the game is tied after the 2 first maps, an extra round MUST be played on one of the remaining maps from the maplist.
The third map will be selected using the elimination system. The winner of the coinflip eliminates the first map, followed by the other team until one map is left to be played.
When a map is selected, the team which didn't have final pick chooses who attacks first.
7. Ties are allowed but only if the third map (decider) has been played and both teams did not set a time (double fullhold in decider).
8. Map wins are added to determine the score: the team that wins a SW round (a map) receives 2 points; if both teams fail to set a time in a SW round (double fullhold), both teams will get 1 point.
9. A maximum of one soldier class per team is allowed.
10. Only 1 riflegrenade is allowed during the match per team (this doesn't limit the number of engineers using a rifle, only the number of engineers using a riflegrenade).
11. Following tactics are to be considered illegal:
* boosting more than 1 person
* making weapons recharge faster, or making recoil disappear
* pausing the match intentionally during the movement of the crane on Supply
* Using the stairs satchel charge controls bug in Supply
* using any tactic that causes you to "lag" or "teleport" or "simulated packet loss" meddling with the video card to go against any of the pb settings.
This includes the use of inadequate MAXRATE settings to cause lag.
* bug exploitation of any kind

Spawkilling / Spawncamping / Selfkill in fight / Tk-Revive Allowed

Server settings:

1. Matches will be played on servers running the latest official aproved version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the associated maps. ET 2.60b and ETPRO (3.2.6) with the latest Global6v6 config will be used.
2. All matches are to be played with the standard ETpro settings with the exceptions defined in the Global Server Config.


1. All players are required to record full ineyes demos of themselves in all matches. Demos do not have to be uploaded, unless asked for by admin. Type: /cg_autoaction 7 before match.
2. Disqualify as result can presist.

Other rules:

1. Substitutes are allowed but can be done only during map changes, intermissions or pauses. A maximum of 2 substitutes are allowed per team in the match.
2. Both players have the right to pause the match, 2 times per round.
3. Two spectator per team is allowed. When there is ETTV one spectator is allowed. Any other have to spec in the ettv server. Teams should use the /speclock command to block the view of the opponent's spectator and /specinvite to invite theirs. Spectators must be muted.

Cheating and bug abuse:

1. The cheating and abuse policy applies to all BlackOps cup servers. Any cheating or abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
2. It is strictly forbidden to use accounts of other users, even if the users are in your clan/team.
3. It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss, unless otherwise mentioned specifically in the game-related rules.
4. All programs or files, either changed game files or new files, that change the game or add to its functionality, or which interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden. Modified versions of the game's resource files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan member during a match, leads to a forfeit loss.
5. Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.
6. The following tactics are to be considered illegal:
* Intentionally blocking a door on any map.
* Making weapons recharge faster or making recoil disappear.
* Boosting more than 1 person
* Using any tactic that causes you to "lag" or "teleport" or "simulated packet loss" meddling with the video card to go against any of the pb settings.
* Planting the dyna which requires a man tower (boosting)
Some of the tactics are very questionable so:
* Planting the dynamites in weird places on goldrush is allowed.
* Boosting on radars to get the objective is allowed.
7. Referee abusing will cause forfeit loss of the map.

Before the match:

1. The Cup-Admins will have personal contact informations for every participating team and will hand out the server infos 10 minutes before the match to each team-captain. If the admin is not available at that time try to contact any other admin either by mirc, xfire or personal message on the BlackOps Forum.
2.Team Captians have to inform Cup-admins when the match is going to play.
3. If one of the teams is not able to have a 5-man lineup on the server 15 minutes after the standard starting time it is again a forfeit win for the other team. There will be no exceptions from that rule.

During the match:

1. Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping, lag issues or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; you should have checked the server before you started playing.
2. If one clan walks away from the match, When the last player quit they automatically lose.

After the match:

1. Either clan can enter the result of a match, on the Cup website, unless the other has already done so. When no score is entered the admin asks for a demo(when not be reffed) and enters it.
A match result can be:
* The real score of the match.
* A no-show if the opponent didn't show up.
* The result reflects the punishment specified in the rules which the opponent violated.
* A forfeit if the opponent violated rules with no punishment specified.
2. In case of a no-show it's strictly forbidden to fill in any score (even 1-0), even when both clans agree. Instead you must write "no-show" on the result form. No-show matches where a score has been entered may be cancelled or changed to a no-show without warning. When a team don't show up they lose automatically with 4-0.
3. Once one clan has entered a result, five things can happen:
* The score is edited by the clan that entered it.
* The score is accepted by the other clan, and ladder ratings are adjusted accordingly.
* The other clan refuses to accept the score, and enters another result.
* The other clan refuses to accept the score, making it a match conflict (see below).
* Both clans do nothing for 4 days, after which the score is accepted automatically.

Match Conflicts:

1. After the match the exact score has to be posted by one team (preferably the captain) on the Cup website. If the other team does not agree with this score they have to inform the match-admin. If the Admin is unable to solve the situation at that point he will request every player to upload his demos so he/she and the other admins can review the case. These situation normally should not happen due to the fact that the admins will be most of the time on the server during the match.
2.When cheating, spamming etc, the match can be cancelled by the match-admin. Or play with a other member when ok from other team.


In the GROUP PHASE there hasnt to be a refferee while you're playing a cup match. In the PLAY OFFS PHASE there have to be a refferee while your playing a cup match.


The BlackOps Cup Admins.
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